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A brief history ot the Dornier Company Dornier 1983

More than 70 years of aeronautical activity provide a suitable opportunity to review and reflect upon the past and to determir where we stand in relation to the challenges of the future. It is also a suitable occasion to thank all  ...
those who have assiste: our efforts. We are filled with a sense of gratitude when we think all the difficulties jointly faced and overcome - difficulties which arose from the circumstances of the moment or, in so many cases, from a lack of understanding. We especially cherish the memory of those associates who did not hesitate to risk their lives in the performance of their duties. Our long tradition was formed slowly and beset by troubles, anxieties and bitter disappointments. And there were many rich deserved successes. All these things have become especially dear to us after so many years. From our early beginnings, rnuti respect and confidence have been the basis of our working together. That this will continue is our pledge for the future. In the 70 years of our history, the world has changed radically. New tasks and new challenges emerge almost daily. But today in the past, all efforts in aviation are fruitless without the understanding and active interest of the public at large, and federal, state and local authorities. Many a success in our histor reflects not only the devoted work of thousands of scientists, engineers, technicians and workers but also the farsightedness all who with understanding and energy nurtured aeronautical engineering through its needs and sorrows. Again, with our sincere thanks to all friends and co-workers, we ask for continued cooperation, confidence and goodwill in our future missions. 

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A brief history ot the Dornier Company 
Dornier 1983
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