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The Low Countries Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands a Yearbook 1997-1998 Flemish-Netherlands Foudation Stichting ons Erfdeel

With The Lowv Countries the editors and publisher aim to present to the English-speaking world the culture and society of the Dutch-speaking area which embraces  ...
both the Kingdom of the Netherlands and also Flanders, the northern part of the Kingdom of Belgium. 

The articles in this yearbook survey the living, contemporary culture of the Low Countries as well as their cultural heritage. In its words and pictures The Low Countries provides information about literature and the arts, but also about broad social and historical developments in Flanders and the Netherlands.

The culture of Flanders and the Netherlands is not an isolated phenomenon; its development over the centuries has been one of continuous interaction with the outside world. In consequence the yearbook also pays due attention to the centuries-old continuing cultural interplay 
between the Low Countries and the world beyond their borders. 

By drawing attention to the diversity vitality and international dimension of the culture of Flanders and the Netherlands. The Low Countries hopes to contribute to a lively dialogue between differing cultures.

12 Ludo Abicht Antwerp, World Port and Provincial City 

21 Louise S. Milne : Money and Excrement The Psychology of Capital and the Marketplace in Pieter Bruegel the Eider's 'Dulle Grier'

31 E.H. Kossmann : Toleration and Tolerance in the Netherlands

38 Jos Bouveroux : Pandora's Box Political Culture in Belgium 

46 Peter Hoefnagels : Three Countries in One Kingdom The Netherlands Antilles and the Paradox of Independence 

55 Rudi Wester : The Low Countries on the Road Travel Writing in Flanders and the Netherlands 

61 Fred G.H. Bachrach : The Low Countries through British Eyes in Ages Past 

73 Eduard van Ermen : Maps for Eternity Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Cartography in the Low Countries 

84 Marc Reynebeau : The King is Dead, Long Live the King The Uses of Reality in the Prose of Walter van den Broeck Extract from 'Letter to Baudouin' by Walter van den Broeck 

90 Anne Marie Musschoot In Search of Self New Prose Writing in Dutch after I985 Extracts by Connie Pa/men, Amon Grunberg, Eric de Kuyper, Stefan Hertmans and Adriaan van Dis. 

103 Anton Korteweg and Frits Niessen : Fresh Food Ten Young Poets from Flanders and the Netherlands - Poems by Henk van der Waal, Marc Reugebrink, Peter van Lier, Rene Huigen, Peter Verhe/st, Bernard Dewulf, Rogi Wieg, Peter Ghyssaert, Jo Govaerts and Mustafa Stitou 

108 Ella B. Schaap : A Brief History of Dutch Tiles 

118 BiancaStigter : Exploring the Limits of the Familiar The Art of Guido Gee/en 

124 Marc Ruyters : The DNA of Art The Ceramic Work ofTjok Dessauvage 

130 Wim de Poorter : From 'Y Mariana?' to 'Manneken Pis' Thirty Years of Flemish Filmmaking 

142 Frans Oudejans : Are the Programmes Really Doing It? Television in the Low Countries 

150 Veerle Windels : David v. Goliath Fashion from Flanders 

155 Max Bruinsma : Official Anarchy Dutch Graphic Design 

164 Christopher Wright : The 'Vanitas' Piece in Dutch and Flemish Seventeenth-Century Painting 

172 Anneke Wertheim : A Museum of Museums The Story of the Teyler Museum 

178 M.A. Schenkeveld-van der Dussen : Bridging Two Cultures The Story of the Huygens Family 'On the Frontispiece of "Cornflowers'" by Constantine Huygens 

187 Micky Piller : Reality and Art in the Work of Jan Dibbets and Johannes Vermeer 

194 Willy van den Bussche : A Master of Everyday Life The Work of Constant Permeke 

207 Jan Wauters : A Race Apart ... The Flandriens and the Golden Age of Flemish Cycling 

212 Hugo Brems : Ah, the comfort of a comparison· The Poetry of Herman de Coninck Five poems by Herman de Coninck

220 Anneke Reitsma : 'An order, within which there's room for chaos' The Poetry of M. Vasalis Seven Poems by M. Vasalis 

228 Ingeborg Walinga : Paintings with an Inner Dislocation Magic Realism in the Netherlands 

242 Paul Depondt : The Poetry of a Futuristic City Object-Maker and Artist Jeroen Henneman 

247 Pascal Lefevre : Flemish Comic Strips Today 

253 Geen Bekaert : Architecture without Qualities The Designs of Stephane Beel 

258 Marita Mathijsen : From Dutch Student to London Schoolmaster The Literary Work of Gerrit van de Linde Three Poems by The Schoolmaster 

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The Low Countries Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands a Yearbook 1997-1998 
Flemish-Netherlands Foudation Stichting ons Erfdeel
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