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Bruges the city behind the story Roel Jacobs Jan Vernieuw Marc van de Wiele

couverture du livre

Présentation du livre

Bruges draws visitors from all over the world because it is an exceptional city. Exceptionally beautiful and exceptionally interesting. That so much of its heritage should have survived is not unique to Bruges - other cities are well preserved. too. What makes this one different is the fact that the new buildings respect the

old ones. That's why Bruges is so beautiful. Modern historians rightly believe that certain periods in the city's history have been neglected for too long and are seeking to put that right. The purpose of this book is somewhat different. It focuses on particular individuals and events. buildings and works of art. which I consider to be representative of the different facets of the city's rich image. The book is full of praise for the policy pursued by Bruges City Council. If we compare Bruges' approach to its heritage to that of other cities. we cannot help but be impressed. But praise should never become interference. It is up to the people of Bruges to decide what happens to their city in the future. And their views are both highly varied and vigorously expressed. Bruges is interesting because of the important role it played in the Middle Ages. Once again. however. it was not the only important city at the time. What was unusual about medieval Bruges was the influence exerted on it by all the countries of Europe. Bruges in the 15th century was a centre for trade and finance. the court. art and craft. It was a place where all Europeans could meet and had no peers north of the Alps. The importance of that period as a point of reference is also special. In the 19th century. the past was . viewed everywhere. but above all in Bruges. as a source of inspiration and a model for the present. The way the city looks today and the ideas that it evokes are the products of that attitude. Bruges is supposedly the Venice of the North. A city that fell into decline as the river Zwin silted up. but which nevertheless managed to preserve its medieval appearance. The tourist industry has translated Bruges' historical profile into a series of ready-made clknes which do not always reflect what really happened here. Behind every clicne there is another. more complex story. and it is-this that the present book attempts to recount. It sets out to explore the past. taking the current cityscape as its point of departure. Visitors to Bruges are often unaware of just how modern the streets are through which they walk. Today's facades refer only tenuously to the past. The tension between old and new offers a key to understanding the fascinating history of this medieval _international city. There should always be space for romantic daydream. but a more sober exploration can be interesting. too.


Bruges more than a myth - A passion for history - A political center - A cosmopolitan city - The so-called Flemish Primitives - What are churches for ? - No paradise on earth

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Détails de l'édition proposée

Bruges the city behind the story
Roel Jacobs (texts) Jan Vernieuw (photographs)
Marc van de Wiele, 1997, couverture cartonnée titre doré sous jaquette quadrichrome, 174 pages, 24.5 x 31.5 cms 9789069661209


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