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Nanny Still - Sana Szo Word - The Finnish Glass Museum

couverture du livre d'occasion

Présentation du livre


Risto Hyvarinen While serving as Ambassador of Finland in Budapest in 1992 we had the honour to receive Nanny Still as our guest. This was a memorable occasion. As a bilingual Swedish-speaking Finn, Nanny Still has always been interested in languages and has long been fascinated by the relationship of the Finnish and Hungarian languages. How could two geographically and culturally distant peoples speak related languages? Finnish and Hungarian differ structurally and in vocabulary from all other European languages. We discussed this point a great deal with our Hungarian friends.

As a result of these discussions, Nanny realized that the joint vocabulary of Finnish and Hungarian could be a source of inspiration for her art in glass. Over the years, this idea came to fruition and has now been executed in over 30 unique works of sculpture in glass. The oldest of these are in pate de verre and the rest are sandcast. Each piece represents a word from our joint Fenno-Ugrian proto-language, in turn related to the basic concepts of ancient village communities. Glass art helps to give these concepts universal form.

The works are multi-national creations, having been made in Finland, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany and Holland. Having followed the many years of work involved, I am happy to see Nanny Still's ideas crystallized in glass sculpture.

Détails de l'édition proposée

Nanny Still Sana Szo Word
The Finnish Glass Museum, 1999, couverture cartonnée, 96 pages, 24.2 x 22.2 cms 9789518952544
Très bon état ! => Sans taches, notes, ou soulignages quelconques ! Pas de pages pliées ou cornées.


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